The Last Drop Distillers

The Last Drop Distillers was founded in 2008 by three veterans of the spirits industry Tom Jago, James Espey and Peter Fleck.

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The History

Family run, the company specialises in finding and bottling the world’s finest and most exclusive spirits for the delectation of connoisseurs.

With only 16 releases in 11 years, they are intransigent in their selection and will only bottle what they believe to be deserving of The Last Drop Distillers livery.

Liquid Opulence has enjoyed a close relationship with The Last Drop since famous rare spirit brand's inception. This partnership has flourished over the years, and Liquid Opulence has consequently seen The Last Drop become one of the world's most exclusive spirits company.

The Last Drop has earned its formidable reputation by unearthing some of most prized whiskies, cognacs and ports for a global audience to share, enjoy and collect.

At Liquid Opulence, we are proud to offer our trade and private clients exclusive access to some of the finest and rarest spirits on earth at the best prices in the current market place.

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