Storage and Provenance

At Liquid Opulence, we make sure that your wine has reached its maximum value at the point of exit by evaluating the critical factor of perfect provenance.

Wines across all vintages can garner 50-100% more than their market value by simply proving immaculate origins and documented authentication. Below, you will find the elements that will dictate the price we’re able to secure for your investment.
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Maximizing Value of Your Investment

1.) Storing Fine Wine in Bond

Experts agree, the easiest way to prove history of ownership is storage of your fine wines in original wooden cases (OWC), in bond, in a temperature-controlled environment. HM Customs & Excise approves of the bonded warehouses, thereby providing a flawless audit trail for every case stored.

Additionally, wines stored in bond are not liable for VAT and Duty, as they are considered “in transit” and likely to be resold.

A case of bonded wine may even change hands several times without ever leaving the warehouse, thereby removing the risk of loss or damage.

You can request photos and condition reports at any time from your personal account LCB Vinotheque.

2.) Original Wooden Casing

Wines that have been stored in the original wooden case are some of the most highly-sought after wines in existence, as collectors can be guaranteed perfect provenance. OWC’s will drive the best prices.

Non-OWC cases may be found in cardboard cases or in original cases with replacement lids.

3.) Duty-paid Cases

Wines that have been removed from bond and have had Duty and VAT paid on them will generally command a lower price than those never removed from bond.

4.) US Strip Label Stock

Wines that have been imported into the United States will have an importation sticker attached. Wines with these stickers are generally valued at a lower price because they have spent more time in freight, often without quality assurance of their movements or where they have been stored while in transit.

5.) Soiled or Stained Stock

When cases of fine, aged wine have been stored over time, a certain degree of natural soiling or staining of the labels can be expected - even in the perfect environment. With perfect provenance, though, stains and soiling shouldn’t impact the wine’s value.

6.) Prooftag Security

Due to soaring wine prices, some producers are proactively ensuring their wine can’t be counterfeited or tampered with. This is done through the Prooftag Bubble Tag system, a unique pattern of bubbles within the seal on each wine bottle that can be validated and authenticated upon request.

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