Wine Investment News

December 2, 2021
Napa Valley Winery

The Best California Wines to Invest in Right Now

If you’re a serious wine connoisseur, you know that the French have dominated the conversation for hundreds of years. Even if you’re a casual wine drinker, […]
October 29, 2021
Bordeaux wine casks

Wine wins over handbags, whisky as best luxury investment

A recent Knight Frank analysis released some very fortunate news for Liquid Opulence and its clients: wine has officially overtaken fine handbags and rare whisky as […]
June 1, 2021
Vineyard with red wine glass

The Ultimate Guide to First Growth Bordeaux Wines

First Growth Bordeaux Wines The First Growth wines of Bordeaux are the most notable and expensive wines in the world, and are truly in a class […]
January 22, 2021
Grapes on vine in Burgundy France

Spotlight: The Wines We’re Loving Right Now

Invest or Drink: The Wines We Love Right Now If you’ve read our collection of articles and speculations on our blog, you know we typically write […]
June 2, 2020
Rare whisky poured into tumblers

Thinking of investing in Rare Whisky? Start here.

When you think about investing in alcohol, what probably comes to mind first is the Fine Wine industry. And believe us, Liquid Opulence is no different […]
May 4, 2020

Luxury Wine Investments emerge as hidden gem in challenging market

The unfolding COVID-19 crisis has torpedoed sales in most industries, but luxury investments continue to allure savvy-buyers with proven resilience to economic downturns. Fine wine specifically […]
April 1, 2020
Generic stock graph on computer

Fine Wine Market ‘Resilient’ To Economic Turmoil

The social and economic ramifications of Covid-19’s rapid spread have been felt on a global scale. Millions are forced to work from home while attempting to […]
February 20, 2020
iFAVINE iSommelier

Why the iFAVINE is the only decanter you should care about

Serious wine drinkers know the market is saturated with claims of “the best decanter” or the most refined way to drink the wine you’ve purchased.  We’re […]